Registered Charity 1114353

Number 30, The Coach House, 2, Upper York Street, Bristol, BS2 8QN

Art Refuge UK can confidently plan a sustainable programme with monthly donations, no matter how small. One off donations are also welcomed! As we are a very small charity, we keep costs to a bare minimum, ensuring that every penny goes directly into delivering our art therapy, safe art making and capacity building programmes. Please help us to:


1. Sustain our presence and continuity in Calais by providing outreach and weekly arts-based psychosocial groups with a dedicated team of artists and art therapists.

2. Build upon the resilience and capacity of local people and organisations in Nepal who are working tirelessly on the front-line to help displaced people.

We have an excellent Art Refuge UK community helping to fundraise through individual and community events such as art auctions, epic coastal dog walks, marathons and open garden art sales. For some ideas on how you could fundraise, have a look at a few of the projects below...

Artworks for Aid began an epic online art auction, inspired by the project in Northern France and has been a very interactive experience for the donating artists, Nina Tara, the organiser and all of those who have bid and won one off art works, photographs and prints. 

Prints Charming exhibition and silent auction gathered prints from artists on the theme of folklore, raising much needed funds to go directly into our work in Nepal and Northern France.  

The Poppy Collective was set up by a group of art therapists who wanted to raise money for Art Refuge UK to continue its work in Northern France by setting up an open garden studio and collecting art to sell. 

Traversing the Pyrenees  Naomi Press and Seth Wolpin walked an historical migrant route across the Pyrenees to raise funds for Art Refuge UK's work in northern France. 

Artist and illustrator Sophie Martin donates a generous percentage of her art and book sales to Art Refuge UK.