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Experiential training for local organisations to provide safe art making

Art Refuge UK enriches the skills and expertise of local professionals and front-line staff who work in a range of capacities and diverse organisations with those who have been displaced. To this end our experienced registered art therapists provide training, ongoing mentoring and opportunities for skills development. Rooted in the experience of visual art making, our programmes and training provision offer crucial opportunities to reflect, and to develop sensitive practice.


Since 2013, when Art Refuge UK collaborated with the Art Therapy Initiative (ATI) to deliver training to fifty local professionals working with issues of displacement in Nepal, Art Refuge UK has provided training for over one hundred caring professionals, artists, architects and teachers from both local and international organisations, collaborating with local NGO's such as the Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation (TPO) Nepal in the delivery of its programmes.


February 2017

Art Refuge UK were very pleased to partner with the Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation Nepal (TPO Nepal) and UNICEF to deliver an Arts Based Training for Psychosocial Support to participants who are part of a Department of Women and Children project. This project has been supported by UNICEF and involves 32 women completing a 6-month psychosocial counselling training, and then setting up psychosocial centres in the 14 Districts most affected by the April/May 2015 earthquakes. Art Refuge UK are committed to ongoing partnerships to support the therapeutic use of the arts in Nepal.



EMERGENCY AND POST-EMERGENCY PHASES: Following the devastation caused by the 7.9 and 7.4 magnitude earthquakes in Nepal in April and May 2015, Art Refuge UK's art therapists Jess Linton and Naomi Press who were on the ground when the earthquakes struck, instigated and ran a programme of work responding to direct requests from both local and international NGO's until December 2015:

1. Capacity building in sensitive art making, trauma, and listening skills for a local art organisation.

2. Support for UNICEF and their newly recruited staff to run Child Friendly Spaces.

3. Creative and reflective support groups for local, national and international health, psychology and wellbeing services.

4. In-reach for transiting Tibetan communities.