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Number 30, The Coach House, 2, Upper York Street, Bristol, BS2 8QN

Collaboration with St. Pauls Darkrooms, Bristol

March 2019

In 2018, St. Pauls Darkrooms approached Art Refuge UK with a proposal to run collaborative photography sessions for young refugees in the city, using their skills, huge experience and beautifully equipped darkroom, along with Art Refuge UK's connection to displaced communities and capacity to bring in therapeutic thinking for a really robust time-limited project. 

The group met once a week throughout March at the St. Pauls Family and Learning Centre to be guided through a series of workshops designed to introduce young people to a range of techniques used both inside and outside of the darkroom. Please see our blog for more pictures. 

In parallel to this wonderful collaboration between St. Pauls Darkrooms and one of our Bristol Art Therapists, Anna Kälin, we have been fundraising to launch a new project: KAMRA-E-FAOREE, which in Dari means INSTANT CAMERA. Once built, we will be able to move the camera between the UK and France as a portable miniature darkroom. We would be delighted if you would like to support this project

Our art therapy groups for young refugees in Bristol and Ealing concluded in December 2018. Here's what young people have said about our art therapy groups

'It's good here. You can express how you feel through art.’

‘The group has helped me to express my feelings about missing my mother and father.’ 

'I like this picture because I have my friend with me in it...and it helps me memorise all of those moments.’

'I liked it, I enjoyed it because I didn't have friends and now I have friends from my own country. I'm happy now...I'm much happier than I was before.' 

'When I was given the opportunity to come here it was so good that I made friends here and it was so good that everything was getting easier and I was becoming happy again and I wanted to be coming every day if I could.’

'I was not the kind of person who could draw art at all. I learned it here...and I have been really impressed with myself that I can do it.’

'Everybody respected me here and everybody cared for me here.'